Planning Focus is a medium-sized planning and resource management consultancy formed in 2004, staffed by senior planners and based in Auckland. 

We specialise in property development projects and undertake all aspects of planning and resource management work throughout New Zealand. We are experts in navigating pathways through the planning process and in adding value to property.  We are recognised for working alongside our clients and being commercially and outcome focused.

We are well respected industry professionals who take pride in the quality of our advice and reporting. We work without fanfare in complete confidence. We are proud of our client base, which includes off-shore companies, listed property trusts, public and private companies, families and individuals.

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Our services include:

  • due diligence

  • development and consent management

  • resource consent applications

  • notices of requirements

  • plan changes and variations

  • outline plans

  • master planning

  • strategic policy advice

  • community stakeholder engagement

  • expert evidence to Councils and Courts